What is a Transform Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go trainers are confused regarding“Transform“ „Transform“ Pokemon.

In the March Fools‘ 2Oh? contest Trainers were able to gain access to a special research that was comprised of three Ditto-themed stage. In the third stage, the trainers are charged with capturing „three of the Transform Pokemon.“ It’s a bit confusing for those who have never heard of the term „Transform Pokemon“ before.

Let us clear some confusion.

A Guide to Ditto, the Transform Pokemon

Perhaps you’ve already noticed this: one of the Transform Pokemon from the special study is Ditto!

Also called“the „Transform“ Pokemon, Ditto is most famous due to its capability to change the shape and shape of nearly everything. The Pokemon can „rearranges its cell structure“ to achieve this. But, its accuracy relies on the ability of it to perceive what it is changing into. Ditto is prone to getting some facts wrong when trying to change only from memory. It was first located by the Kanto region. Its PokeDex ID is #132.

Ditto is a statistician who has these numbers:

  • Maximum CP: 940
  • Maximum HP: 125
  • Attack: 91
  • Defense: 91
  • Stamina: 134

It can only be equipped with two moves of its own The quick action „Transform“ and the charged move „Struggle.“

During March Fools‘ 2 Oh? 22 contest trainers might come across Ditto hidden as any of these:

  • (Shiny) Ekans
  • (Shiny) Gastly
  • (Shiny) Natu
  • Surskit
  • Finneon
  • (Shiny) Dwebble
  • Swirlix

Although these Pokemon might not be as prevalent at the moment at the time of writing, that does not necessarily mean Ditto will not appear in the future. Its appearance is not common obviously, but trainers will often meet Ditto at any time of the year.

Trainers may be suspicious of having the Ditto in their possession in the event that the Pokemon that is being questioned is harder to capture than average or is more powerful than the typical CP total.